For Candidates

*************** THE 2014 INDEPENDENT PARTY PRIMARY IS NOW COMPLETE. *******************

Do I have to be an IPO member to run?

No. The applications of people who are interested in seeking the IPO nomination, but who are not IPO members, are vetted by an elected caucus of our members. Candidates who are qualified by the caucus may run in the IPO Primary election, which is held after the state primary in May.

Does the party provide resources to its candidates?

Yes. The IPO can provide software to help its nominees with tools to help with direct mail and door-to-door campaigning. Additionally, the party has access to graphic designers, web developers, and campaign consultants who can provide professional support to its’ candidates.

Why is your election not part of the state primary?

Unlike Democrats and Republicans, whose primary election is paid for and administered by the state of Oregon, minor political parties like the IPO are obliged to conduct their own nominating processes. Most political parties nominate by caucus or convention. The IPO has chosen instead to open up its nominating process to all of its members by conducting primary elections that use the internet to deliver paper ballots which must be signed and returned.