For Candidates

Do I have to be an IPO member to run?

Yes and No.  Now that the IPO has been recognized as a major political party, anyone who would like to appear on the party's May Primary ballot  must be a registered member of the Independent Party by September 10, 2015.  However, candidates who want to win the party's nomination via write-in may do so.

Does the party provide resources to its candidates?

Yes. The IPO has grassroots volunteers in many parts of the state and can provide campaign services including direct mail, fund-raising, data services (voter file) and more.  .

Does the IPO endorse candidates?  

Yes.  Now that the IPO election is conducted by the state and administered by the county clerks, the party will be making primary election endorsements.

Who can I speak to about running?

Candidates are encouraged to get in touch with IPO Secretary, Sal Peralta.  He can be reached via cellphone at 503 . 437 . 2833