House District 15 - Cynthia Hyatt - Cynthia is a mother of three and a graduate of Linn-Benton Community College who will be graduating from PSU this fall.  She interned at the Oregon legislature in the office of State Rep. Julie Parrish in 2016.   She ran for this office as a candidate of the progressive party in 2015 and was that party's top vote-getter with 20 percent of the vote. 

House District 27 - Brian Pierson - Brian is a senior business leader, West Point Graduate, former Army officer, and Gulf War veteran, filed for House District 27 which predominantly represents Washington County and two Multnomah County precincts. Pierson, who spent over a decade serving in the Army, went on to become a senior business executive in Oregon and around the globe. Most recently, Pierson worked with Erickson Incorporated in Portland and Medford as a Vice President.

House District 32 - Brian Halvorson - Born and raised in a working-class family in the St. John's district of Portland, Brian  is a native Oregonian whose family began homesteading in the Nehalem valley in the 1870's.   He is running on a platform that seeks to improve economic opportunities in rural Oregon and to strengthen environmental regulations that protect the health of Oregonians.

House District 40 - Chris Henry - Chris was rasied as the 9th of 12 children in a working class family in the Mojave Desert.  He moved to Oregon in 1998 to assist with care for his mother, who was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer.  He is pursuing a degree at Portland State while earning a living as a long haul driver for LTL freight.  In 2016, he was a candidate for state treasurer and received 5 percent of the vote.

House District 58 - Skye Farnam - Skye is  is a graduate of the University of Oregon with a degree in history.  He is owner and operator of Terraform landscaping, a private landscaping contractor based in La Grande.  Skye has extensive background in forestry management practices, having spent more than 15 years as a private forestry contractor and member of the US Forest Service interagency hotshot fire prevention crews.


House District 5 - Al Densmore - Al is a former state legislator (1971-1077) and Mayor of Medford (1977-1983) who has served on the Medford City Council (2007-2013).  His work in passing legislation that created the Bear Creek Greenway and general advocacy for the project was recognized when the bicycle/pedestrian bridge over burnett road was named the Al Densmore Bridge.

House District 18 - Stu Rasmussen - Stu is a retired business owner who has served four terms as Mayor of Silverton and three terms on the Silverton City Council.

House District 19 - Tyler Shockley - Tyler is a devoted husband and father who was born and raised in Richland, WA.   He holds a B.S. in Criminal Justice and an A.A. in Business Management from Corban University and is neighborhood chair of the West Faye Neighborhood Association.   He works as Finance Director of the Courthouse athletic club. 


Governor - Patrick Starnes has dedicated his campaign to promoting campaign finance reform and building the Independent Party.

Congressional District 3- Two IPO candidate’s have filed for this office.   IPO officers have endorsed Marc Koller for that nomination.  Marc is a longtime civic leader who has made campaign finance reform a centerpi de of his campaign.

The IPO State Council does not support candidates for other higher offices in the IPO primary election.