If you are interested in running for public office in 2018, please call Sal Peralta at the Independent Party's office.  503.437.2833


All of the steps for running are listed at the Secretary of State's web site, here:

Please note that you will either need to set up a bank account for your campaign, or sign a pledge that the total amount of spending on your race will not exceed $2500. 

Most banks will allow you to set up a business account under your campaign's name using either an EIN or your social security number. Some banks will waive the fees normally associated with a business account for a political committee.

The first day to file your candidacy for office is September 10. However, you may "pre-file" at any time.

There are two ways to file: 

  • Pay a $25 filing fee (for state representative or state senate); or
  • File by petition

Filing by petition requires collecting signatures equal to 2 percent of the total number of votes cast by IPO members in the district during the last presidential election. In most house districts that means just 15-20 signatures or 30-40 in Senate districts. 

Filing by petition would be a good choice for candidates that want to build a grassroots organization. Although you only need to collect a few signatures, you can keep going, as it gives you a good reason to go door-to-door and talk to voters.  In 2014, when I ran for commissioner, I collected about 1,000 valid signatures and found it very helpful.

Candidates who choose to file by petition by door-to-door canvassing should contact me so that we can get you set up with our canvassing software that lets you print maps of the registered voters in your district and select what neighborhoods to visit and what doors to knock.

If you choose file by petition, you will need to prepare your filing paperwork and submit it to the Secretary of State before you begin the signature-gathering process.  Candidates filing for county or local office will need to submit their paperwork to their county clerk's office.

Please note: Candidates choosing to file by petition can start that process at any time (i.e., now).

Voter's Pamphlet

There are two ways to file a voter's pamphlet statement:

  • Pay a fee ($750 for state senate or state rep); or
  • Turn in 500 petition signatures (Senate or Rep). 

Candidates may not start collecting signatures for voter's pamphlet statement until January 18, 2016.


Do I have to be an IPO member to run?

Yes and No.  Now that the IPO has been recognized as a major political party, anyone who would like to appear on the party's May Primary ballot  must be a registered member of the Independent Party by September 10, 2017.  However, candidates who want to win the party's nomination via write-in may do so.

Does the party provide resources to its candidates?

Yes. The IPO has grassroots volunteers in many parts of the state and can provide campaign services including direct mail, fund-raising, data services (voter file) and more. .

Does the IPO endorse candidates?  

Yes.  Now that the IPO election is conducted by the state and administered by the county clerks, the party will be making primary and general election endorsements.

Who can I speak to about running?

Candidates are encouraged to get in touch with IPO Secretary, Sal Peralta.  He can be reached via cellphone at 503 . 437 . 2833