Editorial: The unseemly fight against the Independent Party

Oregon’s Democratic and Republican parties don’t show much restraint when taking on the growing power of the Independent Party of Oregon.

There was an egregious example earlier this year. House Bill 3500 would have formed a task force to look at how primaries should work. When state Sen. Betsy Johnson, D-Scappoose, protested that the bill unfairly excluded sufficient representation for the Independent Party, the leadership of the Democratic Party took action.


Democrats, Republicans, now Independents

by Oregon Community Newspapers (Hillsboro Tribune)
Feb 18. 2015

Oregon’s newest major political organization is the Independent Party, which, subject to another check this summer, can choose its candidates in the same statewide primary election as Democrats and Republicans.

Secretary of State Kate Brown made the declaration last week after the party reported 108,742 voters registered with the party. The number was just above the threshold of 108,739, which is 5 percent of the total votes cast for governor Nov. 4.