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2020 Election Process

Information for candidates

IPO encourages people interested in public service to start by running for local non-partisan offices and serving on non-partisan boards rather than seeking higher office.  This better prepares candidates for higher levels of public service by giving them a better grounding in public policy, how to manage competing interests, and allows public servants to create a local coalition to help them be successful in future races.  If you are interested in running for local public office, it usually does not require us to nominate you.  Please contact us at info at indparty dot com. 

IPO election information

The Independent Party of Oregon intends to open the party's 2020 primary election to the state's 900,000 non-affiliated voters using Ranked Choice Voting, STAR voting or Approval voting.


  • We will conduct an election for contested statewide offices, a Presidential preference poll, and member survey ahead of Oregon's May Primary, probably in March, 2020 using the internet to deliver ballots/questions.

  • We will use the election to help educate Oregon voters about alternate voting systems.

  • In July or August, we will hold caucus elections to determine nominees for state legislative offices and any remaining state or federal offices.

Information for candidates seeking partisan office

IPO has not yet determined qualification requirements for candidates.  We will release those requirements in December, 2019. 

The process for nominating candidates for contested statewide offices will be held in March via a primary election.  The process for nominating candidates for non-statewide office will be held by caucus in July or August.

In the past, the party has adopted the following general provisions:

  • IPO elections are open to IPO members.

  • IPO elections are open to non-affiliated candidates and candidates who are members of other parties, subject to approval by a nominating caucus or other body of elected officers.

  • Candidates for partisan offices are required to either submit signatures demonstrating support from our members or pay a filing fee to help defray the costs of conducting the election.

NOTE: As a minor party, our election receives no funding from the state.  

Running for President?

Update:   IPO will conduct a member straw poll for President in March or April, 2020. 


The party has not yet determined the qualification requirements.  However, the process will be open to clearly established national candidates. 


In order to qualify for the straw poll, candidates will need to demonstrate clear public support including ballot access in multiple other states and have demonstrated a clear and credible national organization.   


Candidate requirements will be posted by January 31st.