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In 206-2017, the top priorities were as follows (with percentages of member support):

  • 83.7% – Require that political advertisements identify their main sources of funding.

  • 79.0% – Increase vocational training opportunities for students in high school and community college.

  • 74.4% – Ensure that tax dollars spent to encourage economic development return more benefits to the public than they cost.

  • 73.4% – Establish limits on political campaign contributions.

  • 68.3% – Look at ways to make college more affordable.


More than 1700 IPO members participated in adopting the following platform statement:


The Independent Party of Oregon favors reducing special interest influence over our government processes; increasing transparency in government, particularly with how our tax dollars are spent and how the public’s business is conducted in Salem; protecting Oregon consumers, particularly with respect to banks, insurance companies and private utilities; providing incentives for small businesses to thrive and for larger businesses to expand in Oregon in a way that returns more benefits to the public than it costs.

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