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* updated 7/1/2024


Nominations for Federal (Congress, US Senate), State Legislative, Local Partisan Office


For federal, state legislative and partisan local candidates, this is a two-step process:

1)   Read the draft platform.  If you are still interested in our nomination, then fill out the form below.  No application will be considered complete that includes an unfilled required response.  

>> 2024 candidate nomination request form (click here) <<
(federal, state legislative, partisan local only)

Completed applications for partisan offices are due by 8 pm on Monday, June 24th. 

2)    Candidates who are qualified will participate in the 2024 Nominating Caucus.

Candidates who have been members of the Independent Party of Oregon for at least 1 year at the time of nomination who submit a complete application will be automatically qualified to seek an IPO nomination for the 2024 general election by participating in the caucus election.


Candidates who are not members of the Independent Party of Oregon are not automatically qualified to seek an IPO nomination. 


Applications of non-members will be vetted by the State Council for completeness and to determine whether the candidate is a legitimate representative of the party’s interest.

The applications of all qualified candidates will be forwarded to our Nominating Caucus.  Additional information will be provided to those candidates at that time.  The Nominating Caucus may direct additional questions to the qualified candidates.

Caucuses for partisan federal and state legislative races and local offices are tentatively scheduled July 11th and 12th, but no later than July 26th.

The caucus will complete its candidate selection process by July 31st

Issues Endorsements


Groups seeking endorsements on ballot initiatives or local referenda are asked to use this site's contact form.   

Special Elections and non-partisan offices

The Independent Party of Oregon State Council will consider endorsing in special elections for the 2022 or 2024 election cycle on an emergency basis.  Members or candidates interested in the party taking a position in special elections for non-partisan local races other than school board are asked to contact us through the site contact form.   



Partisan Offices

  • The Independent Party of Oregon completed its normal 2022 non-partisan nomination process on 8/22.  Non-partisan endorsees included Christina Stephenson for Labor Commissioner, Morgan Schmidt for Deschutes County Commissioner, Beth Wytoski for Yamhill County Commissioner, Clay Bearnson for Medford City Council, Sal Peralta for McMinnville City Council.

  • The Independent Party of Oregon completed its 2022 partisan nomination process on July 17th. The nominee list is here


Partisan Offices

  • The Independent Party of Oregon (IPO) completed its 2020 Presidential Preference poll and election for statewide offices on May 12th, 2020.

*page updated 11/24/2022

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