*page updated 5/9/2022


Non-partisan or local office

The Independent Party of Oregon will prioritize local partisan and non-partisan elections in 2022 - city council, school boards, county commissioner races.  Candidates interested in seeking positions on local school boards, city councils, and other partisan and non-partisan local public offices are encouraged to fill out this form to request an endorsement or nomination for the May Primary.

Caucuses for partisan local offices are tentatively scheduled for June 26th.

Partisan legislative or statewide office

* Individuals seeking IPO nomination for partisan office in 2022 must have been a member of IPO for at least one year prior to applying for nomination or demonstrate good cause for consideration by the state caucus. 

Candidate nominations have traditionally been held at the state May Primary or later using a primary and/or caucus format.  In 2022, IPO will conduct state legislative and congressional nominations in one or more legislative districts.  Caucuses for these races are tentatively scheduled July 11th and 12th.



Partisan Offices

  • The Independent Party of Oregon (IPO) completed its 2020 Presidential Preference poll and election for statewide offices on May 12th, 2020.