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The Independent Party of Oregon nominated 51 candidates for partisan office in the 2022 general election, winning 32 races. 

Independent Party nominees won 30 of the 44 races for state legislative office.

Independent Party nominees won in 6 of the 8 closest legislative races in the state despite those candidates being outspent by a combined $1 million.

"We attribute this success to the hard work of all of our nominees who knocked doors and have strong histories of public service in their communities," said Drew Kaza, IPO Co-Chair. "It was gratifying to support candidates who share our values and who will work to solve Oregon's problem's without seeking to mislead or polarize the people of this state.  Every candidate who ran, whether they won or lost, contributed positively to the conversation on important issues like affordable housing, homelessness, and what it means to live in a democratic society.  We are deeply grateful for their service."

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