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Voters in the Newberg and Dundee School District, Click the banner below to support the Brian Shannon recall petition. 


Independent Party State Council endorses Brian Shannon Recall

11/10  - Statement on the firing of School Superintendent Joe Morelock

The decision of the 4-member board majority to fire the school superintendent Joe Morelock is the second firing of an Oregon school district administrator for upholding the law.  We have seen similar cases around the country as ideological extremists have taken over boards to promote an agenda that has nothing to do with the education of children.  

The 4-member board has filed lawsuits against parents and teachers and has subjected the district to significant financial costs and brought national shame and economic harm to the city of Newberg.  We join Newberg's Mayor, Newberg's City Council the Chehalem Chamber of Commerce and all people of good faith in condemning the controversy created by the School Board.

10/31 - the IPO State Council voted to oppose rising extremism in local non-partisan elections. As part of that decision,  the party takes the following action:


  • We urge IPO cross-nominees to support legislation to protect school administrators who are fired for opposing unlawful actions of a public board.

  • We urge IPO cross-nominees to assist our party in supporting the recall effort.

  • We call on Brian Shannon to resign. 

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