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IPO Makes Final Nominations and Endorsements

8/22 - The Independent Party of Oregon has nominated Congressman Peter DeFazio to represent the Party  in the state's 4th Congressional District.   DeFazio is the only congressional candidate to be nominated by the party in 2020.


Measure 107 Campaign Finance Reform                               Position:  Endorse

Amendment to Oregon constitution that ensures contribution limits allowable under the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution are lawful in Oregon

Measure 108 - Taxes and Tobacco                                          Position:  Endorse

Increases cigarette tax from $1.33 per pack to $3.33 per pack; imposes tax on nicotine inhalant delivery systems such as e-cigarettes at a rate of 65% of the wholesale price; dedicates revenues to the Oregon Health Authority for medical and health programs.

Measure 109 - Law enforcement, Food and Agriculture     Position:  Endorse

Legalizes psilocybin mushrooms for Oregon Psilocybin Services Program under the Oregon Health Authority.

Measure 110 - Law enforcement, Food and Agriculture     Position:  Neut 

Decriminalizes possession of certain drugs and establishes a drug addiction treatment and recovery program funded by the state's marijuana tax revenue


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