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* Page updated: 7/1/2020

Candidates for local and legislative office

IPO will begin accepting applications for nomination and cross-nomination for partisan local and legislative offices on July 3rd.  Candidates interested in participating in this process may download the application, which must be completed and returned along with any supporting materials by 8 pm on Friday, July 10th.  There is no application fee to participate.

Click here to download the application. (pdf)

Click here to download the application. (word)

The IPO nominating caucus is an elected body of members that will select legislative and local nominees no later than July 31st.


IPO encourages people interested in public service to start by running for local non-partisan offices and serving on non-partisan boards rather than seeking higher office.  This better prepares candidates for higher levels of public service by giving them a better grounding in public policy, how to manage competing interests, and allows public servants to create a local coalition to help them be successful in future races.  If you are interested in running for local public office, it usually does not require us to nominate you.  Please contact us at info at indparty dot com. 

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