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Occupation: Financial Analyst, Investor

Occupational Background: Treasurer, Controller

Educational Background: MBA in Finance and Management, Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania; BA in Economics, Pomona College

Prior Governmental Experience: Lake Oswego City Council, Lake Oswego Budget Committee

Community:  Past Treasurer of the Legacy Emmanuel Hospital Foundation, Past Treasurer of USA Olympic Swimming, Past Chair of Northwest Pilot Project, Past Chair Financial Executives International Portland Chapter.

Why You Should Care

Oregon can do more with revenue we already have – without raising anyone’s taxes. How we manage our finances determines what we can afford; roads, schools, bridges – even PERS. As an experienced treasurer and analyst, I can offer reliable management of our state’s finances to help put our state back on strong financial footing.

A Track Record of Success

As a Lake Oswego City Councilor, I established myself as a budget hawk.  With my fiscal leadership, we were able to fund our priorities without raising anyone’s taxes. We dramatically reduced our unfunded liability for road maintenance, rebuilt our operations and maintenance center, and rebuilt city hall and the police station – All without asking for a dime.

Real World Experience

I have been Treasurer of the Legacy Emmanuel Hospital Foundation, USA Olympic Swimming and two subsidiaries of Northwest Natural Gas. I’ve also worked as an analyst and investor for more than thirty years.

Not a Career Politician

I’ve spent my entire career in finance for private industry, utilities and non-profits. I’ve also spent just enough time as a public servant to understand the system without having been corrupted by it. For me, the Treasurer’s position is not a stepping-stone for higher office – it’s a way to give back to the state that has given me so much opportunity throughout my life and career.


“I was the Independent candidate for State Treasurer in 2016. This year, I am supporting Jeff 100% and hope you’ll vote for him to receive our party’s endorsement . “ – Chris Telfer, Former State Senator

Please visit for a long list of endorsements

The 2020 Primary has started. 



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