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Nominate a candidate to participate in the  2020 IPO Primary & Presidential Preference Poll

The Independent Party of Oregon is preparing to hold its 2020 Primary Election and Presidential Preference Poll.   According to rules adopted for this election, candidates who collect 50 signatures of support from members are eligible to participate in lieu of paying a filing fee.  

If you are an IPO member who would like to nominate a candidate for the party's 2020 Primary, you can do you by clicking the link below  (The form is hosted on Google Forms)  

To "nominate a candidate" is to recommend that our party list that candidate's name on our party's 2020 Primary Election and Presidential Preference ballot so that our members may decide whether to nominate that person to represent our party on the November ballot.

Note:  This election is for statewide offices only (e,g. President, Treasurer, Secretary of State, etc).  Local and state legislative races will be determined by caucus or convention in July or August.   

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