Kristin Eberhard


Kristin Eberhard is the Director of Sightline Institute's programs on Climate and Democracy. A lawyer by training, she is a leading expert on electoral reform, vote by mail, the inconsistent patchwork of states' election rules.

Drew Kaza


Andrew is the owner of the Sisters Movie Theater,  He is a native Oregonian and long-time advocate for campaign finance reform and consumer protection who has served on the state council since 2016.  In 2014, Andrew ran for the Oregon Senate as an Independent candidate for District 16.  He been a member of the Independent Party since 2008.

Dan Meek


Dan co-founded the Independent Party of Oregon.  He has been a 20-year leader in the areas of campaign finance reform, transparency and consumer protection having litigated all three areas before the Oregon supreme court and led grassroots and successful legislative advocacy efforts, helping to pass statewide contribution limits in 2006 and charter amendments in Portland and Multnomah County. 

Linda Williams


Linda co-founded the Independent Party of Oregon.  She is an attorney who has specialized in "protecting the little guy" in environmental and free speech cases, having won important recent victories at the Oregon Supreme Court defending the rights of Free Speech and political expression.


Sal Peralta


Sal is a policy analyst and a member of the McMinnville City Council.  He co-founded the Independent Party and is currently serving his third term as party secretary.  

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