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“I understand that we’re in the midst of an affordability crisis that impacts too many people’s ability to secure and afford quality health care, education, transportation, and housing. I also know that finance and economic policy are where our values come to life and begin to shape outcomes for our families and the world around us.”


- Tobias Read, Oregon State Treasurer   


Safeguarding a Path to Retirement


As State Treasurer, Tobias Read established OregonSaves, the first in the nation state-based opt-out retirement plan that has already enabled 65,000 Oregonians to save almost $50 million towards their retirement.

“Tobias has made it easy for me to see a path to a secure retirement” - Maria Honeywell, OregonSaves Saver Investing in Oregon Kids’ Futures


Investing in Kids' Futures

As the State’s Chief Investment Officer, Treasurer Read knows the best investment we can make is in the educational future of every Oregon child. Tobias Read has made it easier for more families to save by broadening the tax benefit and investing the first $25 in each college savings plan account opened in a child’s first year.


“Treasurer Read is committed to ensuring every child in Oregon knows we believe in their educational future. ” - Becky Tymchuk, Beaverton School Board Chair

Protecting Public Dollars and Taxpayers

Treasurer Tobias Read has modernized and insourced investment management resulting in $149 million of additional pension capital for the state and retirees. Tobias Read oversees a $100 billion portfolio which under his leadership has produced strong returns that results in less burden being put on state resources.

My first priority will always be the wise management of Oregon’s resources and pursuit of the ability to meet our long-run obligations and provide financial stability for all Oregonians.

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