2015 Platform & Agenda

Independent Party 2015-2016 Platform

The Independent Party of Oregon favors reducing special interest influence over our government processes; increasing transparency in government, particularly with how our tax dollars are spent and how the public's business is conducted in Salem; protecting Oregon consumers, particularly with respect to banks, insurance companies and private utilities; providing incentives for small businesses to thrive and for larger businesses to expand in Oregon in a way that returns more benefits to the public than it costs.

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Bend’s Telfer running for State Treasurer as an Independent

published by the Bend Bulletin
by Taylor Anderson

Chris Telfer, a former Republican state senator and accountant from Bend, told The Bulletin on Thursday she plans to run for treasurer as a newly registered member of the Independent Party of Oregon.

Telfer said she would focus on an anticipated difficulties in state’s next budget from rising Medicaid costs and other potential shortfalls.

She said her run as an Independent is an attempt to return the state to middle and “to try to keep the politics” out of the state treasury.

Declaration of Independents

published by the Portland Tribune
by Jim Redden

Larry Morgan is the potential future of the Independent Party of Oregon — and a good example of why young people especially are shunning the Democratic and Republican parties.

The Oregon Secretary of State’s Office declared the IPO a major party last week after confirming it has more than 5 percent of the state’s voters. That means the state will finance and conduct its 2016 primary election, and the winners will appear on the general election ballot along with the Democratic and Republican nominees.

Oregon’s Independent Party wants to be different

published by the East Oregonian
Aug 21, 2015
by Sal Peralta

I would like to thank the East Oregonian for its recent coverage of the Independent Party’s emergence as Oregon’s third major political party. Your editorial prompted some thoughts about the work we have done and what the Independent Party could mean for the state of Oregon.

First, I would like to caution folks against setting the expectations too high. Although the state is now calling us a “major party,” the reality is that we are just 5 percent of Oregon voters. 2015 is the first year that we have been able to hire paid professional staff.

Editorial: The unseemly fight against the Independent Party

Editorial published by the Bend Bulletin

Oregon’s Democratic and Republican parties don’t show much restraint when taking on the growing power of the Independent Party of Oregon.

There was an egregious example earlier this year. House Bill 3500 would have formed a task force to look at how primaries should work. When state Sen. Betsy Johnson, D-Scappoose, protested that the bill unfairly excluded sufficient representation for the Independent Party, the leadership of the Democratic Party took action.

Independent Party achieves major party status

by Jeff Mapes
published in the Oregonian

The Independent Party of Oregon has officially qualified as the state's third major party,Secretary of State Jeanne Atkins announced Monday.

The party, which now has enough registered voters to win major-party status, will  be able to participate in the state-financed primary election next May, just as the Democratic and Republican parties already do.

Independent Party may gain major party status

Published by the Portland Tribune, 8/13/2015
by Jim Redden

Oregon could enter a new chapter in election politics next week — if only for one campaign cycle.

The Secretary of State's Office is scheduled to announce on Aug. 17 whether the Independent Party of Oregon has enough registered voters to qualify for major party status, like the state's Democratic and Republican parties. If it does, the state will be required to finance and conduct its 2016 primary election, and its winning candidates will appear on the general election ballot opposite the Democratic and Republican nominees.