2015 Platform & Agenda

The Independent Party of Oregon favors reducing special interest influence over our government processes; increasing transparency in government, particularly with how our tax dollars are spent and how the public's business is conducted in Salem; protecting Oregon consumers, particularly with respect to banks, insurance companies and private utilities; providing incentives for small businesses to thrive and for larger businesses to expand in Oregon in a way that returns more benefits to the public than it costs.

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New voters and a new major party will disrupt D-R duopoly

by Tim Nesbitt
published by the Oregonian, February 26, 2015

In these partisan times, it is unusual for a political party to promote a change in election law that will make life harder for its candidates. And it is even more unusual for the opposing party to fight such a change. But that's what we're seeing now that Oregon has become a state with three major parties. A bill that looked predictably partisan in the Democratic-Republican duopoly will have unexpected effects in a state with three parties on its next primary election ballot.

Rep. Buehler Plays Role In First Independent Party Meeting

published at mycentraloregon.com
Feb 24, 2015

A bipartisan majority of state legislators who earned the Independent Party nomination gather to share ideas, plan for future…

Salem, Ore. – Members of the Oregon House and State Senate who were elected in 2014 as nominees of the Independent Party of Oregon gathered today in Salem for a first-ever meeting. The meeting was convened by Rep. Knute Buehler and attended by Democrat and Republican members as well as representatives of the Independent Party organization.

Independent Party holds first ever legislative caucus in Oregon

by Taylor Anderson
published by the Bend Bulletin, Feb 24, 2015

SALEM — Two weeks after their party became Oregon’s third major political group, Independent Party members nominees who hold elected office in Oregon met Monday in Salem in what was the party’s first ever caucus meeting.

The lawmakers, including Democrats and Republicans from the Senate and House, discussed the agenda that people registered to the Independent Party voted on in August, focusing on education and campaign finance reform.

Democrats, Republicans, now Independents

by Oregon Community Newspapers (Hillsboro Tribune)
Feb 18. 2015

Oregon’s newest major political organization is the Independent Party, which, subject to another check this summer, can choose its candidates in the same statewide primary election as Democrats and Republicans.

Secretary of State Kate Brown made the declaration last week after the party reported 108,742 voters registered with the party. The number was just above the threshold of 108,739, which is 5 percent of the total votes cast for governor Nov. 4.

The party was founded in 2007. Its co-leaders are Dan Meek and Linda Williams, both of Portland.

Independent Party focuses on the public interest

by Sal Peralta
published in the Medford Mail Tribune,
Sunday 2/22/2015

Thanks to the Mail Tribune for its well wishes toward the Independent Party and for its thoughtful analysis of the challenges that we face.

The MT editorial (2/17) described our party's platform as “brief, sensible and relentlessly uncontroversial." That is absolutely correct. So why were we not seeing movement on those issues under the two party system? Shouldn't government be implementing policies that most of us agree with? Obviously, it is not.