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A Brief history of the Independent Party of Oregon  >>

Discusses the early history of the Independent Party, including how and why it was formed.


Meet the State Council  >>

More than half of Americans do not feel well represented in politics. Are you one of them?  


Why the state's third-largest party is asking unaffiliated voters to help pick its candidates.

"As the number of Oregon voters unaffiliated with a political party rises, so has the number of voters locked out a key part of the electoral process. Oregon’s third-largest political party sees an opportunity."

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by Jake Thomas (11/30/2019)

Groups Seek To Take Oregon Redistricting Out Of State Legislature's Hands


"A coalition that includes a wide variety of political and government watchdog groups on Tuesday say they are filing three proposed initiatives that would create a nonpartisan citizens panel to handle redistricting for congressional and legislative seats in Oregon."

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 by Jeff Mapes (11/12/2019)

Independent Party of Oregon faces major/minor test


"The Independent Party of Oregon is preparing for a return to the minor leagues...the party became a major party in 2015... motor voter has changed that... the difference is more than nominal.... for major parties the state pays for the primary..."

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 by Claire Withycombe (08/18/2/2019)